What are the main accessories and equipment for running?

Have you started running and you notice that the running world is catching up with you more and more? You need good running shoes for high arches. Or more? What if you try to get a bonus through some new accessory or running equipment? Here I present you the main accessories and running equipment.

As you know there is an endless amount of running equipment and accessories, and as running is one of those sports that when people mention it infects others to do it, and thanks to this great wave of new runners, brands are investing more and more in improving their products or bringing new ones to the market.

However, we generally think that we don’t need anything more than the right clothes and a pair of running shoes. This is true to a certain extent, but as we enter the world of running we find many gadgets and accessories, which can make the experience of training or running much more pleasant or effective.

What we really need to know is how many of these things are essential to take as a good investment, or simply discard them because their use is not justified by their price, basically depends on our pocket.

The initial idea of this article was to describe the most common running equipment that we would surely come across in any race.

But as I gathered information, I realized that there are several accessories that, while not extremely necessary, might be helpful for some people.

It all depends on the type of race you do; it’s not the same as running on the street or a trail race.

Moreover, some of these running accessories depend on our physical preparation or on the weather conditions so they are not for everyone and at all times, which in the long run makes them more expensive since it will take longer to amortize them so to speak.

Anyway, enough of so much introduction that you must be bored already and let’s analyze the different gadgets, accessories and equipment dedicated to running.

Shoes are obviously a requirement for running, and this is where they should inevitably be invested in order to obtain the best and safest results.

While the experienced runner understands the importance of choosing the right footwear, the novice runner is often misinformed about the different types of running shoes on the market.

Basically, there are three main categories of running shoes:

NEUTRAL: These shoes are for the runner with high arches, a lighter body frame, and an effective gait, without excessive outward or inward foot swing.
STABILIZED: These are designed to help prevent excessive pronation (the rocking of the foot outward) by providing a little more support for the ankle and arch.
DAMPENED: These shoes are generally recommended for heavier runners who need more cushioning to help stabilize the ankles and control pronation.
In turn, each brand’s model offers different cushioning and stability configurations.

Determining the type of tread in a specialized facility or with a sports professional is the best way to determine which type of shoe will be right for your body.

The main concern when buying running equipment is clothing.

Avoid cotton, since it stores all the sweat in its fibers, look instead for synthetic fabrics such as Dri-FIT or Coolmax, which facilitate the process of dissipating body sweat and will keep you more comfortable.

For women, the other main concern is to look for and buy good quality sports bras, this will save you the trouble associated with this aspect.

You can find out more about the best type of running clothes by following this link: WHAT IS THE BEST RUNNING GEAR?

This is undoubtedly an essential element in summer days. The recommended sun protection products are those with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or more.

If you find it uncomfortable, you can wear a sun visor during the summer months to protect your face from the sun and a cap during the winter months to retain heat lost through your head and protect your ears.

Remember that the sun can cause some damage or discomfort, not only to the skin, but also to the eyes.

Investing in a pair of high-performance sunglasses is usually a good idea, as long as you wear them in the right weather conditions.

However, if you are on a budget, you can make up for the inconvenience of the sun when you go to bed with a simple headband or running cap.

We have already stressed the importance of water in running, being accompanied by some kind of sports drink during the summer tours can make a big difference.

The two conditions that runners want to avoid in the summer are heat stroke and dehydration.

And at this last point the hydration packs come into play, in long races where we know that there will be no hydration stations for many kilometers it usually becomes essential, especially in Trail Running races.

With regard to hand bottles, I particularly discourage them, carrying an extra 500g, although it is not much, throughout a race can generate some imbalance in the race and unnecessary stress. You can see more about this below: YOU MUST RUN WITH YOUR HANDS FREE!

This is important! You should not run outdoors when it is dark without wearing some kind of reflective clothing or accessory.

Racers move much slower than cyclists and are potentially less visible to drivers in nighttime conditions.

A lot of running shoes and sportswear already include reflective stripes, but for added protection you can buy an inexpensive reflective belt or perhaps a vest or T-shirt with reflective stripes.

It is proven that MUSIC CAN HELP US RUN MORE DISTANTLY OR FASTER, if we choose the right subjects, and it goes without saying that it helps us to make races and training much more pleasant.

In this sense, there is a lot of equipment and gadgets designed to help us enjoy our favorite music while running.

We can listen to music through the classic headphones connected to the cell phone, either via cable or via bluetooth. Or even to sound strips that work just like headphones. What’s more! There are sunglasses that incorporate headphones, where you can even store the music and do not need an external device such as a mobile phone.

In short, there are many different types of equipment and very different qualities, here it depends clearly on how much you want and can invest your money.

Beginner runners don’t need to buy a GPS watch you can help yourself to a bracelet to place your mobile, but if you have already decided that running will be your favorite sport and you would like to take it more seriously, then a GPS watch can certainly help you to become a better runner.

Many runners are convinced that compression socks improve performance and aid recovery.

But it has not yet been determined how effective they really are, yet there are those who enjoy wearing them on long runs.

The argument is that they provide relief to the calf muscles and reduce the strain the next day. Here you can see more about: COMPRESSION RUNNING SOCKS

These are not necessary when you are starting to run, but if you are planning to train for a half-marathon or a marathon, then you might consider purchasing some nutritional supplements and fuels that will provide energy and nutrition before, during, and after your workouts and run.

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